Some Love for Paul F. Tompkins and a Show Idea

If you're a comedy podcast type, and I am, you more than likely are having a love affair lately with one Paul F. Tompkins and his recent appearances on Comedy Bang Bang and Doug Loves Movies and The Thrilling Adventure Hour and Jimmy Pardo's The Pardcast and Never Not Funny and The Apple Sisters ... but strangely not so much on the Pod F. Tompkast, his eponymously sideways effort.

(There's actually someone on the web cataloging Paul's podcast appearances, find that at this link.)

That's not what this is about, though. I gotta point you here to two specific episodes of Comedy Bang Bang, the first linked here, it's episode 135 with Dan Telfer and Erinn Hayes and a bit of Paul but a lot of Cake Boss ("cake boss") Buddy Valastro or rather Tompkins' rendition of the host of the TLC show.

I wish a had a soundbite of that to share, but I do have Paul in full costume on the Up Late With Adam webshow as Cake Boss ("cake boss").

And it's not just Cake Boss, Tompkins kills in the Comedy Bang Bang Holiday Spectacular also, this time as Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber. And here's some of Tompkins as Lord Lloyd-Webber from another podcast.

What Paul F. Tompkins needs is a venue for all the characters he does. Someone needs to get on that. Something like Little Britain but American and with Paul F. Tompkins.


Hi! Glad You Found Me Here

New blog, first post.

If you're reading this, my old blog at iamatvjunkie.com is gone. This blog doesn't necessarily replace that one, this will be just me occasionally riffing on stuff on the tube and in podcasts and online video and the occasional movie.

If you're a publicist note that I'm not asking for screeners or press releases and I don't want to run a contest or do a red carpet for your show. I'm not going to be that invested here.

Feel free to participate. The comments here will be unmoderated. As they are unmoderated I won't be looking at them often. Police yourselves, be nice to others.

That's it. Enjoy.