Video -- The Tosh.0 gay porn parody you knew would happen

It's called Tosh.Hole and here's some sex-free footage from the DVD from Jet Set Productions.

Ryan Lynch stars as Tosh. Buy it at this VERY NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK OR KIDS link at JetSetMen.com.


The Kardashian/Romney/Komen Foundation smackdown you've been waiting for, from the Today Show

Finally, someone said it the way I would say it. Thank you Donnie Deutsch for calling out topless Kardashians for what it is, an act of desperation.

And good on the Today Show, also part of the Comcast NBC/Universal family, for letting him say it.

And while they were at it, here's to someone that I hardly ever align myself with, one Star Jones (who's married more gay men than I have). Both Star and Nancy Snyderman pounce on the "I don't care about the poor" Republican candidate news while reminding Mittens Romney (or RMoney as I call him, on Twitter at @MittRmoney) that part of that social safety net was the free and low cost cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood offices.

That used to be funded by Komen For the Cure but won't be anymore as that group was hijacked by evangelical Christians that don't like Planned Parenthood because 3% of PP's business is providing abortions, which the last time I checked was STILL LEGAL in this country.

PP donation link HERE.

Not just legal, it's no one's decision to make except the woman who's pregnant.

So, no cancer screenings will just increase the amount of cancer not caught early which will result in even more medical spending than before, most of those occurrences happening with people with no health insurance. It's either be taxpayers paying that differential or ... women will just die.

And none of them will be Kardashians.

Is that what Komen and Romney want? Because that's what they've got.