Esquire TV will take over Style Network spot instead of G4TV, which was killed for NO REASON!

Can you believe this shit?

Hollywood Reporter:
When the Esquire Network launches later this month, it will do so not on G4 but rather on the Style Network, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
The decision to rebrand the latter –a tightly guarded secret until this morning—comes as NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment Group chairman Bonnie Hammer looks to better define the brands in her cable portfolio.
Bonnie Hammer
So G4TV, home of Attack of the Show, Web Soup, etc., that channel was killed last year apparently for no reason whatsoever.

Well, isn't that just one giant fuck you to the people who worked there.

Apparently the reason is that the Style Network has a lot of overlap with other Comcast cable properties like E!, Oxygen and Bravo. That makes total sense. But why didn't someone figure that out before they fired all the G4 people?

I don't understand! Bonnie Hammer is a better executive than this. She really screwed a lot of G4 employees doing this.

Gonna try to get some reaction from the G4 crew and add it later. 

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