DVR: I am a live + 7 kinda guy. Or maybe a live +14?

(Note: This isn't MY DVR screen. My screen doesn't look anywhere near as good as this because my Time Warner Cable area hasn't been upgraded since the Rigas family went to jail and their bought the territory from Adelphia. Damn you Time Warner!)

I still have The Social Network on my DVR from July last year. I'll watch it, eventually. On my TV Jesse Eisenberg never ages a day. I would chuckle about that but people might get the very wrong idea.

I recorded the series finale of The Finder last night. Might not watch it for a while. I tend to do that will finales, series or season. Still haven't watched the Downton Abbey Christmas episode. The Fringe finale is different, all my fellow nerds will be blabbin' about it online so if I don't watch that quickly it'll "spoil on the shelf." And I hate waste.

The Finder was solid. Nice tone, quick pace ... very much like Bones, where it was born. I like Geoff Stultz, I was pretty sure this was what would make him a household name finally. I was wrong. Last year Mark Valley was in the same position with Human Target. I watched every episode of The Finder. You guys missed out.

You gotta wonder, are these solid hour dramas from Fox decimated by a schedule that has to work around three multi-night reality competition shows?

Craig Ferguson's doing this thing before his first guest recently. The marching thing with the horse. Yes, something about this makes me very happy. Here they are marching before welcoming Patton Oswalt who came by to promote his Comedy Central hour that you can get on DVD from a number of sellers including these.

I especially love when he gets makeup and hair people Tien and Lisa to join in, but only for the clusterfuck that happens when they all try to turn at the same time. It would make Ernie Kovacs proud.

Tonight's Graham Norton (BBC America, 11p eastern) has a bunch of Brits on the panel, most notably Jessie J. for Americans watching. Also a "football" hottie (read soccer) Didier Drogba and comic Simon Amstell (two Ls, he is not the beer magnate). Clip below.

Enjoy your Saturday.

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