I have returned after a very long absence. Booyah!

So I decided right now is the time that I'm gonna "start writing more in my blog." Of course, it's also just 10 minutes until I have to leave to pick up a pizza so this is gonna be a short one.

So, more posts here, more clips, more Joe watching TV. Tonight I'll make some sort of official record about what I've watched and what I'm recording. My DVR seems to be rebelling I should tell you. Didn't record today's ep of VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live for some reason. The Soup doesn't record automatically anymore, I have to set it each Wednesday.

I'd turn it in for a new one but I have 51% of it full o' stuff. Good stuff.

I'll write more later, or tomorrow. Or maybe I don't come back again for months.

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  1. Yeah, don't come back for months.