All the ideas for posts for this blog I had this week while doing other things

I was, uh ... busy.

Yeah, that's right, that's the ticket. (For you kids, that's a quote from a Jon Lovitz SNL character that I still enjoy, though I no longer enjoy Lovitz.

1) Wednesday's TV aliens are very different. In The Americans, the aliens are Soviet era spies. On The Neighbors there are actual extraplanetary aliens yet still spies of a sort. We know the endgame for the Soviets, we have no idea what will happen when "Jackie Joyner Kersee" and "Larry Bird" (they're all named after famous athletes) complete their mission. So, what's the more interesting show? Huh? Nah, I'm just kidding. They're both good though. Say what you want about high concept comedies, but they have been a part of the TV landscape forever, whether it's Gilligan embarking on a three hour tour of the harbor or a Park Ave. lawyer and his Hungarian wife getting back to nature in Hooterville. Yes, I also kind of admired
that Cavemen series. Not saying it was great, saying I admired the attempt. One other thing The Neighbors has is a child actor who bares a striking resemblance not only in look but in tone to Emo Phillips. And he's perfect in this. His name is Ian Patrick (pictured) and you might have seen him recently in David Wain's Wanderlust (playing on cable).

2) Josh Gad's Sex Tape. Seriously.

3)  I don't watch Modern Family anymore. Nor Spartacus. Nor Castle. And I don't have to. Even though I watched all the previous episodes. It's not like they won't replay forever, be available on disc or for download. Hell, by 2017 there will probably be a Modern Family cable channel that just runs the show and shows about the show. (And shows about the show about the show.)

4) Anthony Jeselnik has a great new show on Comedy Central. Man, he's brutal though. Evidence? Check this conversation with Patton Oswalt and Nick Kroll. BTW, I also watched Ben Hoffman's and Nathan Fielder's new Comedy Central shows. Well, the first few minutes of each, anyway. 'Nuff said.

5) Finally, my friend Carrie (host of VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live) had Joan and Melissa Rivers. Joan was the first person who ever paid me to write anything. You can see it all in two parts after the jump.

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