Two pilot castings that are very exciting if you're me or like stuff I like

I like Rainn Wilson in the films he's done, notably Super and Hesher, but I've never been a huge fan of The Office. So when the Dwight spinoff didn't pass muster with the network (it aired this past week and it seems it didn't score with the show's viewers either) he was free to pursue other stuff that I thought would just be films and SoulPancake.com, his website/movement/community. But now word that Wilson will star in the Hart Hanson-conjured adaptation of the series of Swedish crime novels featuring detective Evert (Everett for the US version) Backstrom.

This is a description of Evert Backstrom that's been translated from the Swedish edition of Wikipedia: "Backstrom is a cynical and prejudiced person complete lack of good qualities. He is a racist , sexist, homophobic, he has poor hygiene, are overweight, dishonest and selfish. Furthermore, he is described as efficient, self-righteous and petty. He dislikes people in general and thinking disparaging thoughts of everyone around. He drinks too much, stealing at work, and everywhere else where he can access, he manipulates and mess with their surroundings and evade all forms of onerous work."

I am totally on board. Aren't you? Lots to work with there, interesting guy. He should have a great time playing inside that character.
Now, this very cryptic exchange on Twitter happened on March 14th. What you might not have known is that Mandy Moore had dropped out of the ABC pilot for the US version of the British hit Pulling. Created by Sharon Horgan, it has three female leads which will now be Horgan, June Diane Raphael (Mrs. Paul Scheer, currently starring in S2 of Yahoo Screen's Burning Love, season one running currently on E!) and Kristen Schaal.

Everything is funnier with Kristen Schaal. EVERYTHING!

I hope both of these shows make it.

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