Are you missing PGA Championship this morning? Did Time Warner Cable pull you golf coverage?

Missing your golf this morning because you live in a city where Time Warner Cable has pulled the CBS-owned CBS station that's airing the PGA Championships? If you are ...


Sorry, I had to say it. You needed the slap.

Folks, your TV probably gets your CBS station. You don't even have to unplug from the cable. Your TV's manual will give you all the details on doing such. If you're in one of these markets (Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Boston, Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit) find your manual and perform the more-than-likely automatic process that will find your CBS station.

Don't be a moron. Broadcast television is free. It's always free. Despite what's going on here which is a fight over retransmission fees. There's a workaround. Do it.

Though I must say, I don't understand the fascination. The ball and the hole are so small, and it's so boring. 

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