CBS & Time Warner Cable carriage war fuels cut-the-cord commentary

This new version of the "blue screen of death" above is really pissing me off. How about you?

Lots of stuff in the press today about cord cutting, the business of cable television and the future.

Frank Rose at The New Yorker website:
"... the only way for cable companies to satisfy their customers is to embrace their dumb-pipeness. They need to focus on their broadband business, not their television business—the thing they’re capable of doing well, as opposed to the thing they keep messing up."
 And then later at his own blog Deep Media:
"They (the cable companies) really, really suck at providing it (television). For years, marketing experts have been telling them they need to build their brands by offering more and more services. The problem is, they can't manage the services they've got, and they probably never will."
At Broadcast Engineering, there are handy charts and some stats on customer loss for cable and satellite companies. At this link. And finally, from a while back but worth the read is Netflix' plan to replace broadcast television. They're doing pretty well so far.

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