"I believe that children are our future." They're NOT signing up for cable.

A little Whitney in the morning, at least this song, is good for the self-esteem. Also good for the self-esteem? More money in your pocket, and not having big cable bills is a way to get that done.

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MarketingCharts.com has lots of info on how 18 to 24s as they move into their own places are ordering the big broadband pipe from the cable company but NOT the TV package that usually comes with it. This confirms info posted previously here on the blog:
Perhaps even more disturbingly for pay-TV providers, a significant 24.9% of 18-24-year-old broadband subscribers surveyed by TDG said they were highly disinclined (bottom-2 box score on a 7-point scale) to subscribe to a pay-TV service once they move into their own space. The remaining 43.8% are neutral.

It’s a different story for online subscription video services such as Netflix. 48.7% of the respondents said they’d be highly inclined to sign up to such a service when they left home, making them 56% more likely to subscribe to an over-the-top (OTT) service than pay-TV. Only 14.4% said they were highly disinclined to sign up for an OTT service.
BOOM! The death knell for high priced cable packages.

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