FREE 2-MONTH HULU TRIAL? The Hulu blog should be more active, should tell you the deals.

The last post on the Hulu blog was on August 5. They need to hire someone to work that blog. No links on any of the show pages, no referring links anywhere else on the site, you actually need to know the URL to find it (which btw is http://blog.hulu.com/).

I'd like to know what's upcoming from them, not the individual episodes that get added but the shows they're planning on bringing in.

If you click around the web you find so much more Hulu info, like this post at CNET (see image above) that offers you a 2-month free trial!!! My trial (in day 5 currently) was only 2 weeks through the Comedy Bang Bang website.Get yourself a better deal, even if you don't wanna watch their original series The Awesomes.

Speaking of which ... The Awesomes isn't bad, it has a fine pedigree coming from Mike Shoemaker & Seth Meyers who bring a bunch of their SNL pals along as character voices. The problem with it I think is it's a cartoon developed by comedy people (with an assist from cartoonist Judd Winick, former Real World participant. Even Winick isn't really the right kind of creative to handle this job in my opinion. Should have grabbed some former TV toon people who really know how to exploit the medium. 

I checked out the four episodes that are up on the site last night. It's a sitcom that's been animated. It should be a cartoon. There's a difference. The only time they did sufficiently exploit the medium was during a scene where they're auditioning new "heroes" to be part of the team. Guy with the rhino head cracked me up.

Otherwise, meh.

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  1. I concur. Gave it a C- on my blog. Plus, Hulu is wonky as far as platform consistency. Depending on where you watch, it's a completely different nav and viewing experience. Bugs me on Xbox that they have this SHOWS YOU WATCH thing that retains everything you even accidentally click on. Why? I already have a QUEUE and FAVORITES. Annoying.