Carriage wars: Will anyone win this Time Warner v. CBS thing?

Sam Ro in Business Insider:
"While this appears to be a lose-lose in the near-term, UBS analyst John Janedis thinks it's worse for Time Warner than it is for CBS.

"'Our view continues to be that consumers have more loyalty to the content rather than the company which is responsible for distribution and with contracts often running 5+ years, CBS can’t afford to take below market value given the inability to renegotiate terms,' said Janedis in a research note today.
Indeed, cable subscribers pay Time Warner, not CBS, for the content.  So, it's understandable why consumers would direct their frustrations to the cable provider."
Of course there's another reason why Time Warner should lose support from the marketplace, it is them who have pulled the CBS Inc. content off their systems, CBS was more than happy to keep the stations on during negotiation.

You know who doesn't win? Us. We lose.

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