Can't get CBS because you're a Time Warner customer? But you CAN!!!

I've been seeing tweets all day from people complaining how they missed their PGA golf because they can't get CBS.

Grrrrrr ...

Broadcast TV is free, boys and girls, and with the exception of the Pittsburgh market you should be pretty able to pick up the CBS network signal with your digital TV even without a digital antenna. I can in San Diego and I'm about 20 miles north of downtown.

(The Pittsburgh market covers a large swath of western PA and a lot of communities east of the city have trouble getting a signal because of the terrain.. Some of the earliest cable TV systems were started in the area, in fact.)

Digital antennas aren't very expensive, a good one can be found for under $40 at Radio Shack and a lot of online outlets. I found Mohu, a company that makes both indoor and outdoor HDTV digital antenna. One of their indoor antenna is pictured above. It's just a flat thing that looks like a mudflap that you either buy a holder for or mount on a wall.

There are others, too. You hook it up to your TV and then go through your TV's channel finding routine and you got all your broadcast channels in HD if you want and with their secondary signal channels as well, like Me-TV (playing classic TV reruns) for some CBS stations.

If you're a Consumer Reports subscriber you can click over to their site and see a review of some digital antenna. At this link.

Get one. Stop missing your shows.

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