... and Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor ... on Lifetime?

She's already attempted Marilyn, but that was just pics. Now she'll have to move and speak, too. 
Deadline is reporting that Lifetime is talking to Lindsay for a movie about Taylor's marriages to Richard Burton. From what I know about that time in Taylor's life there was a lot of drinking going on.

Lindsay should do just fine ... she's been researching the role since just after Mean Girls came out.

I don't watch anything on Lifetime but I'd watch this. Let's see if it really happens. Lohan is bound to make some unreasonable demand of the producers (like, "I wanna chocolate fountain, but with cocaine instead") that places her employment in jeopardy.

I'd get her a sober living buddy, like Andy Dick.

No Burton cast yet. I'm sure there are a bunch of Welshman to choose from, but I don't ask me who they are.

In other Lohan news, Hollywood.com is reporting that she got a tattoo today that reads "Life Without Regrets."

Is that retroactive?


  1. Lifetime is a really good channel, joe.
    isn't dance moms on it?


  2. WAIT WAIT, i want to talk about chocolate fountains of cocaine.

  3. Who doesn't! Although I imagine a pouring agent would need to be added to the cocaine to get it to flow like chocolate.