TCA tweeters -- Michael Patrick King slaughtered, defense of Two Broke Girls racial humor failing

But about those very hackneyed and stereotype-laden jokes on the show it's all okay because as a gay man he knows about bigotry.

Or so I've read.

Half my Twitter feed is at the Television Critics Association presentations in, what, Pasadena? Anyhow, apparently they had some things to say to MP King he of the Sex and the City. Things.

And much more. I've been to these events and I've never witnessed this level of back and forth animosity. Go to Twitter and search the show title or #tca12.

Also, follow all these people on Twitter. They're great.

I'll try to come back with a link to Sepinwall's write-up of this panel.

Update: Just go to Sepinwall's home at HitFix.

Another Update: THIS

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