So Neil Patrick Harris how's the career going since telling the world you're gay??

What's that? The American people have voted you the People's Choice TV comedy actor for the role you play on your hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother? The role of a womanizing attorney who works at a global financial institution?

And ...oh, and is it true that there are rumors that you'll take over hosting the country's number one show, American Idol, from Ryan Seacrest who unlike you is not an out gay man working in the entertainment industry?

And that the movie you starred in this Summer, the family film The Smurfs, grossed over $142 million domestic and OVER $400 MILLION overseas (!!!) ?

Seems like Doogie is defying everyone's expectation. Congratulations.


  1. LOVE this! I've been thinking the same exact thing as he racks up one success after another!

  2. I guess the operative exclamation should be "BOOYAH!"

    Thanks for stopping by.