NBC's Smash pilot episode free at iTunes, here's some kinda non-spoilery comments

Here's the link if you just wanna go watch it yourself. If you don't have iTunes on your typeylooky machine you'll have to download it.

Totes worth it, though. Fun show. Great music. Great musical performances from Megan Hilty (my Glinda from the LA company of Wicked) and Katharine McPhee (don't get me started on the whole "introducing" thing they're doing in the marketing and she's no Streep with the acting but it'll do for now).

Of course much of the show is about the two of them competing for this lead role in the Marilyn Monroe musical written by Debra Messing's and Christian Borle's characters, but frankly I don't care so much about them as I do the two competing for the role. They also both have relationships (husband, new assistant that will probably get slept with my someone soon) and blah blah blah and then there's Anjelica Huston of all things as half of a fictionally divorcing Barry and Fran Weissler with Michael Christofer. Their job seems to be to advance the plot with monetary complications for the principals, kinda like a Broadway version of the McCourts from the LA Dodgers.

If you have any interest at all in sex with men you'll probably wanna do Jack Davenport. The years have been wonderful to the Coupling star (you saw him most recently here in FlashForward two years ago). It's as if they've drenched him in hotness and pushed him out in front of the camera.

I liked it but will it play in Peoria? Dunno. This link will show they haven't reviewed it yet.

See what I did there?

Smash premieres on Monday Feb 6 at 10 pm.

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