Video -- Two days and one hour until 30 Rock returns

I've been recording and watching reruns of 30 Rock for the last week in prep for the season premiere. When you see a bunch of episodes at once it really hits you that this is still the best written comedy on TV. It delivers laughs consistently in a way that a lot of single camera shows can't manage. Big laughs, not just smiling nodding stuff like if it was a Showtime "comedy."

(Not that I don't enjoy Nurse Jackie, it's just a different kind of show and, let's face it, not really a comedy.)

Can't wait to hear what happens with the whole Avery in North Korea thing now that Kim is dead. Should be fun to watch. And I gotta believe there will be some service paid to the Republican candidates by Jack Donaghy.

Tina and Jane were on Today this morning talking about the show and also their visits to the St. Luke's Hospital's maternity ward in light of the controversy over the Jay-Z/Beyonce "gift" to the hospital. I haven't seen it yet, I'll watch along with you.

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