Work It on ABC -- A Kind Word About Its Lead, Ben Koldyke

Okay everyone, just stop piling on.

Before you write off everyone involved, remember how much you enjoyed Benjamin Koldyke on Big Love and How I Met Your Mother.

He's solid in both comedy and drama, he writes and directs comedy shorts, he's not bad to look at ... what I'm saying here is don't write off Ben Koldyke.

I kinda get why he took this gig. First of all I'm sure he thought it wouldn't get picked up and a lead role is a lead role. I don't know what else he had on his plate this pilot season but this was a lead and one lead leads to another and I'm sure a payday is a payday no matter where it comes from.

Acting is hard. Getting acting jobs is even harder.

You Big Love fans know what I means about Ben's talent ... you saw that scene where Dale goes to his LDS Church counseling appointment and broke down over his love for Alby. It was heartbreaking to watch. Very moving, a TV moment I will never forget.

I don't think this gig will taint him for long, he's just too talented a guy.

This is for you, Ben Koldyke, and for all the actors on TV we love who every now and then have to take a gig they would rather have not. And so that they know, Ben, here are a couple of your comedy shorts posted below. Cheers, dude.

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