The Anti-Hasselbeck, now at 10 AM weekdays to save your ever lovin' soul

This is a very good idea VH1 has had here. Very good indeed.

This, boys and girls is your salvation. Your are being saved from the evil Hasselbeck by the exact opposite of her. Smart, funny, cool, and much more attractive Carrie Keagan brings her VH1 morning show Big Morning Buzz Live to the 10 o'clock hour with cohost Jason Dundas (below).

You know this is exactly what you've needed at 10. I know in my market I need something between the Today Show and Access Hollywood Live that doesn't include the Republican automaton who's opinions are pumped into her head each day by the conservative media and the various whining whiners from the pitchfork and torch crowd.

("Yeah, what he said!!!")

Most important, Big Morning Buzz Live is the place to be for live in studio music performances from hot bands like Hot Chelle Rae (right after their American Music Awards for best new artist), Scars on 45, and Willie Nile (who happens to be Carrie's uncle).

There's also plenty of news and features about a whole host of other pop culture topics and 

Big Morning Buzz Live returns tomorrow at 10. Some of you are at work. Use your DVR.


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