Downton Abbey Stars McGovern & Bonneville on Sundance in BBC's Freezing

You love them in Downton Abbey. Wanna see them try to make you laugh? BBC Two's Freezing stars your Downton stars Elizabeth McGovern (the only celebrity I've ever seen at the mall -- the mall was the Beverly Center in West Hollywood but it was still a mall) and Hugh Bonneville, he of the "aye, matey" on this last series of Doctor Who.

From the Sundance Channel Website:
Hugh Bonneville and Elizabeth McGovern star in this three-part British comedy that some UK critics dubbed a "home-grown Curb Your Enthusiasm." Orbiting London's media whorl, Matt (Bonneville), a laid-off book editor, and wife Elizabeth (McGovern), an American actress who finds work scarce in the UK, try to maintain their dignity and lifestyle, while contending with the abrasive and needy intrusions of Leon (Tom Hollander), Elizabeth's agent. In this episode, Elizabeth auditions for a Vincent Gallo film. Simon Curtis directs.
Set your DVR for this Thursday starting at 5:30 eastern for all three parts in a row. I've seen one of these half hours and really enjoyed it, happy that I'll have seen them all now.

Also airs on Jan 21 and Jan 29.

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