NBC sitcom Bent: What will they call it in England?

You know, because of the movie called Bent about the two gay concentration camp residents and that bent is a pejorative for gay in the UK.

So, that's a problem for NBC.

Also, they have a guy fronting this show, David Walton, who has be prominent in two other recent failed romantic comedies for the network, 100 Questions and Perfect Couples and they have him playing basically the same character again, a manchild with a marathon pelvis, constant stubble and poor work ethic.

This time, they've at least given him very solid co-stars, Amanda Peet (who was last Jordan McDeere from the failed Aaron Sorkin Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip) and Jeffrey Tambor (who will juggle this job with those Arrested Development episodes for Netflix).

If you watch the "trailer" above you see they have nice chemistry and the cast is filled out well with people I don't know (which is great, gives you a chance to suspend that sense of disbelief a little more). It's a good looking show (single camera) and it shows potential.

What I'd love to know is how Walton keeps getting his chance at the plate. I would say he has compromising photos of NBC execs but they're not the same execs as they were for previous shows.

One thing to look forward to here is Joey King (Ramona and Beezus) as the daughter of single mom Peet. Cute kid, not too cute, good li'l actress.

No premiere date yet. Sometime this year, maybe? Let's remember what happened with Walton's other  shows and how they languished on the shelf and take our cues from that.

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