50 years = all eleven doctors

As we ramp up for the return of Doctor Who in the UK & the US and for the first time one day later in South Africa and Poland (go Doctor Who you world wide phenomenon you!) there's "news" from a British tabloid that all 11 doctors will be seen in the 50th anniversary episode.

I would have been happy with 9 through 11. In fact, if we get 9 (Christopher Eccleston) at all I'll be thrilled, he's my first doctor. Thrilled? Shocked, too. He's not been, uh, amenable to it all since he bolted at the end of the of the first RTD season. These words were exchanged between Eccleston and a red carpet reporter in the UK back in November.

UK Mirror:

Doctors of old Tom Baker, 79, Peter Davison, 61, Colin Baker, 69, Sylvester McCoy, 69, Paul McGann, 53, Christopher Eccleston, 48, and David Tennant. 41, are thought to have agreed to take part alongside current star Matt Smith, 30.

This week writer and producer Steven Moffat – who is notoriously secretive – admitted: “Getting the other Doctors involved would be very fitting for the anniversary episode, wouldn’t it?”

He is still writing the special, which is due to be filmed this spring.

The plot is a fiercely-guarded secret, but Moffat said the fact the original show was delayed by more than a minute by an extended news bulletin would be referenced.
We'll see.

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