Entertainment Tonight hires Michael Jackson's 16-year-old son to report from film junkets

Luke Russert, Jenna Bush, Chelsea Clinton ...

I gotta think the producers of Oz, The Great & Powerful were thrilled when their actors showed up for the junket and Prince Michael Jackson, the 16-year-old son of the deceased pop star, was sitting there waiting to ask questions. And not just questions about their movie which they are paying to promote.

Hollywood Reporter: "Jackson's duties at the Oz junket included interviewing director Sam Raimi and actors James Franco and Zach Braff. He asked the trio for advice on how to get started in the entertainment business."

Yeah, they must have loved that! Who wants to talk about a movie they spent years putting together when you can give a pudgy kid who might actually be the son of a Beverly Hills dermatologist and not the son of a famous person advice on getting into movies.

Great job, ET! Maybe you can send Blanket to the premiere to work the red carpet.

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