Anthony Jeselnik is giving you a hard seven ... minutes of his new show tonight on Comedy Central

You've got just over two hours in the east and five in the west before The Jeselnik Offensive starts. Guests tonight are Amy Schumer and Aziz Ansari.

If you haven't seen Jeselnik's stand up it's all over YouTube.

Ah, but what could have been ... I had an idea for a project for Anthony. By night he's a stand up comic, by day however he is the superhero Jizzleneck, who shows up whenever a dangerous situation arises and the solution is a pearl necklace.

Get it? Jizzleneck? Pearl necklace? Right?

Perfect idea, I thought. But there's a project at Logo with James Adomian called Rosebud based on Orson Welles' bathhouse years that's supposedly exactly like it.

Timing is everything in Hollywood. 

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