What I'm recording: Jenny McC's last chance, homes in Lisbon, Portlandia

Here's what my DVR is doing tonight:

Portlandia: Here's a preview clip.

House Hunters International: They're in Lisbon, Portugal. Not one of my favorite international locales but whatever. I prefer Scandinavian episodes, the furniture in those homes is always so nice.

Click: BBC World's tech show. There's no more Attack of the Show! and it seems this is the only place to go for this kinda news. Runs all weekend on the channel.

The Jenny McCarthy Show: Jenny, this is your last chance. Watched the pilot of your new VH1 talk show and when you weren't being bleeped (there were whole segments of the show where I didn't know what you were talking about) ... you were talking over each other and I couldn't understand a thing. That woman with the shelf of an ass (Miss Joseline, I believe) was the most interesting part of your premiere and I'm gay. Fix this! If this show stays on the air while Whitney Cummings' E! talker was canceled there's no justice in this world.

The Late Late Show w/ Craig Ferguson: Craig has Mario Lopez tonight, prompting this very revealing image of Mario from when he lost a Super Bowl bet and had to run through his office (The Grove shopping center in Los Angeles) in his underwear (you're welcome). A couple of nights ago Craig had Girls star Allison Williams and you can watch that below.

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