Little show, big heart, dirty mind, generous star ... Legit on FX

Spent last night catching up on Legit on FX. You should certainly be watching this show. It does a lot of things really well. Not only does it translate Australian comedian Jim Jefferies' stage persona very well but it does that while making the show a true ensemble which is a testament to Jefferies' generosity and good sense.The series creators are Jim and Peter O'Fallon, with episodes written by the two with Rick Cleveland (The West Wing, Six Feet Under, Runaway Jury).

Not only does Legit give a lot of time to its supporting cast, that cast is comprised of performers that don't always get cast in roles that let them explore a characters' issues and boundaries. Dan Bakkedahl plays Jim's best friend Steve Nugent and DJ Qualls gets the best role of is career as Steve's brother Billy who lives with muscular dystrophy.

In the pilot episode Jim and Steve break Billy out of his board and care facility against the wishes of his mom (the amazing Mindy Sterling who you know from the Austin Powers films who again, with Bakkedahl and Qualls ... GETS TO ACT!) and they take him to a Nevada brothel to lose his virginity.

(Wish I could give you a clip from it but I can't find one online. There's a very sweet scene with the working girl who takes on the job of devirginizing Billy that also informs us that Billy has a huge penis. Having a huge penis btw is -- well good for you if you got one first of all, but also it's been a plot point in a lot of movies and TV shows lately and not just that MTV series that came and went so fast. There was Hung on HBO and Big Dick Ritchie in Magic Mike and there are more that escape me currently.)

From there we've seen Jim and Steve continue to normalize Billy's life, pulling him out of the facility to live with them in what isn't the nicest place in Los Angeles but looks affordable, which is novel for a TV show.

More, including a full episode and a preview of Thursday's episode, after the jump.
It really comes together in an outstanding third episode of the series called Love where Billy wants to meet a girl online while his brother just wants to be able to talk to a woman in a bar. Jim, being the authority of the group shares some knowledge with Steve but surprisingly ends up learning a lot more from Billy about listening.

It's right here for you to watch, too. I want you to notice one moment from this episode. Steve does well on his date and they're about to go back to his place and his surprise ... almost shock ... results in a double take that I got kind of emotion over to be honest.

Go ahead, watch. Make the time.

Dontcha love the Internet?

Listen, I'm not one to tell you what to do with your leisure time. No, actually I totally am and you should watch this show. Seriously, you'll have a great time. They do all this, the heart and soul stuff, while giving you lots of laugh out loud funny.

How much more can I say? There are two reasons I write this blog; 1) Free stuff, and 2) Influencing your programming choices so shows I like continue. I don't get a lot of free stuff, usually things I can't use. So watch my show, this show, Legit.

C'mon, the free stuff really sucks.

One more thing, Ginger Gonzaga has been playing a woman Jim dates in a couple episodes. I like her, they should keep bringing her back.

Watch a preview of this week's episode, right here. Watch it Thursday nights at 10:30 on FX after Archer.

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