What I'm recording: It's Halloween on Community! Wait, What?

Here's what my DVR is doing tonight:

House Hunters International: They're in Beverley, England with what I'm sure with be either an American couple demanding an open floor plan with all the original country charm or affable Canadians who are way more amenable to anything and everything including a flock of sheep that live in the third bedroom (not really).

It's Halloween at Greendale! I know, don't get me started. Here's a clip. Community at 8pm e on NBC.

Anthony Edwards has made you laugh and cry many times throughout his career. He deserves your eyes for an hour tonight on CBS if you are so inclined. The show is called Zero Hour and Tim Goodman is hopeful after watching the pilot and I'm gonna be too despite not seeing it yet.

Also tonight, Parks and Recreation on NBC, Chelsea Lately has Julianne Hough (meh) but they did this last night.

Then Archer, Legit and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, and then as always a little Craig Ferguson to top off the night. But that's it. Really. I'm done after that.

Unless you count all the YouTube clips I favorited today to watch tonight on the big screen via Samsung apps, but I never really get to those.

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