What I'm recording: Cartoons, Downton Finale, Robot Chicken

I could show you clips from all the Fox animated shows that are all brand new tonight or ...

... that's right, every Bob's Burgers clip on YouTube (from Fox, you know, the official ones) because you should and you're a good a kind person and you deserve to be entertained and haven't you had a rough weekend and wouldn't comedy so good that it's already been renewed for a fourth season be just the thing to change the trajectory of your three-day weekend that has gone seriously off the rails after that thing with ... well, you know.

Also I'm recording the Downton Abbey finale, but to be frank I haven't watched any of them this season, they still all sit there on the machine taunting me with their need for closed captioning and their actual run times because there are no commercials.

And Robot Chicken's season 6 finale. Always. Los Angeles Times feature on them today at this link. Preview clip? After the jump.

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