STUFF TO KNOW! WGA winners, Sean Hayes on NBC, Maddow/McCain, Mehcad Brooks, Han Solo

Han Solo returns! Harrison Ford signs for new JJ Abrams Star Wars film.

Mehcad Brooks: "It's Not OK to Be Homophobic, Racist or Sexist," the former True Blood star currently working on USA's Necessary Roughness tells Huff Post Live. Rod 2.0 reports.

The Rachel Maddow show blog this morning on John McCain's squirrely Meet the Press appearance and still pushing accusations of wrongdoing in Benghazi.

Tom Lennon (your Lt. Dangle from Reno 911 and a great filmmaker) will costar with Sean Hayes in his pilot for NBC, directed by Jim Burrows and written by Victor Fresco. It's practically an all-star team. Looking forward to seeing this.

Among the WGA winners last night was my Facebook friend Michael Cyril Creighton, who won for his web series Jack In A Box. I was also excited about wins for Louie on FX and Portlandia on IFC.

Catch the premiere episode of Jack In A Box when you click to the rest of this post.

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